12:00-5:00 PM                  Cooker and Vendor Registration at the Fire Hall (101 Bowie St).                                                Confirm and pay for Cooker and Volunteer Dinner in the Park.

6:00- 8:00 PM                    Cooker and Volunteer Dinner in the Park. 


7:00-8:30 AM                     Cooker and Vendor Registration at the Fire Hall (101 Bowie St)

9:00 AM                              INFORMATION AND TICKET BOOTHS OPEN.  Collector’s Mugs                                                    and T-Shirts available until supplies run out.

                                            COOKS Meeting at Stage Area.  COOKS-get your chili on!

                                            Vendor Booths Open for Business

9:30 AM                            ON STAGE:  Emcee announces Contest Sign-ups, Thanks                                                              Sponsors

                                           Register for Sidewalk Chalk Art, Horseshoes and Corn Hole                                                        Games

10:00 AM                            Art and Quilt Show at the Community Center (311 2nd Street)

                                             ON STAGE:  Children at Play

                                            – Emcee Thanks our Sponsors and announces                                                                                 – Chili Showmanship Competition- Red chili cooks entertain and                                                 prepare chili

                                            Children’s Activities at Park Covered Tables Area

11:00 AM                           Chili Judges check in at the stage area 

                                             Sidewalk chalk art demonstration.

11:30 AM                            Salsa Sampling.  Deliver People’s Choice vote to information                                                      booth

                                            Cowboy Joke Contest.  (Audience favorite, Emcee favorite, Kid’s                                                 favorite wins a prize

HIGH NOON                     ON STAGE: Lendon James and the Highway 34 Band

                                            Emcee Thanks our Sponsors and announces

1:00 PM                               Chili Submitted to Judges. COOKS take samples to the                                                                   stage/judging area

                                             Red & Green Chili Tasting.  Line up and get ready for a Tasting                                                 Tour!

1:30 PM                               Quick Draw/Dead Man Contest.  (2-man teams bring their                                                          favorite shoot-out scene to the stage to compete for a prize.)

                                             Deliver People’s Choice votes for Red and Green chili to the                                                       Information Booth.

2:00 PM                               ON STAGE:  Southern Fryed

                                             Emcee Thanks our Sponsors and announces

3:00 PM                               Corn Hole and Horseshoes  winners announced for a prize

3:30 PM                               Last call to make Vendor purchases, Art & Quilt Show                                                                   Purchases, Beer Tent purchases.

                                             Cowboy Joke winner’s final joke

4:00 PM                               Chili Awards Presented at the Stage

5:00 PM                                ON STAGE: Tie Hack

6:00 PM                               Town of Chug Residents Clean Up the Park and see you at                                                          the after parties—check  ‘em out!

Schedule is subject to change as necessary.